Peaceful Path (re-post)

An empty seat for you

Come, let’s sit right here,

on this edge of life

so you can share your story,

your dreams,

your visions,

your spirit.

Come, give me your hand,

look into my soul while it echoes yours.

Come, inhale deeply,

exhale completely and open your heart.

Yes, it might hurt with an ache of a thousand years,

but let that light in you be the beacon

that leads the way –

this journey we are taking together.


there…yes…let it out!

The tears will wash away the past

allowing faith to plant new seeds

to make the journey brighter into the future.

Come now,

show me your love,

the silence that speaks loudly in your heart

and together we will visit the unknown,

connecting with the Divine,

in this peaceful path you have created

while finally letting go….

About momentswithmillie

I write from the inspiration of the Divine in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. It's hard not to be inspired by nature and her beauty. It's impossible not to notice the love that's right in front of us each day. I write because I must. It has become a direct channel from Spirit. I thank you for stopping by and joining me in these words.
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