Life in a Day

A friend of mine came over yesterday and shared this movie with me.  She was surprised I hadn’t seen it since I love documentaries, and movies in general.  I watched it early this morning with chills, tears, laughter, and the spirit of compassion for all those around the world.

Magnificent idea!  Two directors take footage of one day, July 24, 2010, and have it documented by people from 192 countries.  The snippets and clips of lives from people over 24 hour period allows us to expand outside our world…out of our sheltered lives.  Some stories made me cry: one of an Asian man waking his son to light incense for his dead mother.  Another woman wakes up at home after her mastectomy and has a talk with her son.  One woman finds out she’s pregnant.  I loved all the different births, animals and people.  There are clips of things in your purse and pockets.  It’s remarkable to watch from early dawn to late night how others live around the world on one single day.  Wow!

I believe it is our organic nature to love voyeurism.  We want to look into others to see if our lives fit in some normal life.  Some watch to make sure they don’t.  However, and for whatever reason, we watch to learn and enjoy: 3.8 million people on have done so.

Watch and you will come out with a small perspective that our lives are all interconnected in one way or another.  It’s all beautiful.  It is a movie about life and how we fill it.   How would your life look to others through the expand of 24 hours?

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