The Road of Consciousness

The noted and the unknown

have meshed up

without intertwining in consciousness

as if the Creator has released all,

and came to teach me stillness.

Is emptiness supposed to be felt

with such awkwardness

and with no desire to fill up?

I no longer take someone else’s

emotional body, physical shortcomings,

but move above

as if time and space appeared on a cloud

and I flew off on it.

I am a vacant body

full of emotion,

but have no feelings,

with a separation of pain and pleasure.

How is this possible to contradict without

either being accessible to me?

It’s as if my conscious mind has twittered

and expanded as I see the bubble of the world

all in some quantum unity.

Is it the physics of science that has

carried belief all of these years?

I am still here

but I am not.

I am still me,

but I am not.

I am the truth

in the question.


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