Trailing to the Future

I now live my life with a simple basis of letting go.  Those who live in the past seem to limit their future by trying to control it.  Whenever I have a moment or circumstances and situations where something from the past comes up, I ask myself what did I not learn back there?  That’s about the only time nowadays that I allow myself to live in the past.  I try to be conscious of repeating patterns so I can get the lesson and move on.

My future is beautiful.  I have little control of what will happen but I do work on visualization and intentions and all those techniques that so many teachers talk about.  I have a journal that I paste things in: pictures, quotes, drawings, and anything that inspires me to get to my dream or goal.  I write in that book my intentions as if they are already in the present.  All the future has to do is try to align with them.

It takes way too much energy to live in the past when there is absolutely nothing that can be done in order to change it.  Remorse, anger, disappointment, sorrow, pain, and any other emotion that is being piggy-backed does no good.  Unless you find a genie in a bottle or a time machine I truly believe your best option is to let it go and live in the now.  Start creating the dreams for the future.  And, always remember that you can do anything you want when your thoughts and belief are aligned.

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