You Can Run


relocate to the ends of the world and

leave everything behind,

start fresh

in a place that holds no memories.

Redo your life,

change your plans,

make new friends,

and sit comfortably for awhile.

It feels sweet,

easy and secure.

Breathe in the new.

You can keep running

until you find that place…

but you cannot hide.

Wherever you go,

there you are

following you around.

All pretenses are inside.

The memories will stare

back through the mirrors

of your eyes.

It’s up to you to recharge your remembrance.

You cannot run from your lessons,

the heart that breaks,

the people who hurt you along the way.

They are right there

tender inside the mind.


get up, face that shadow from the past

and let the world be your playground.

You cannot continue to play hide-and-seek

with the ghosts of the past.

Focus on your inner light,

adjust those thoughts

and find Divinity calling you to live…

to free yourself from the cage of your

discomfort and distress.

Sit and finally live the NOW!


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