Making it Up

I have a corky disposition.  I make up words.  I don’t mean to.  It’s a sort of tourette syndrome that comes out of my mouth without knowing why. I believe it is due to my translation of words from Spanish. Because Spanish is such a flowery language full of extra letters and sentences to describe a single English sentence, I tend to create “adjectivenisms” to normal words to show things.  For example I use the word “touristic” for a place that has a lot of tourists.  I say “gentlemanliness” for a man who is very old fashioned and full of chivalry.  I use “oddliness” for strange things.  There are many other words that I conjure up and people in my life laugh.  Sometimes I have to stop and ask, “Was that a real word I just said?”

I am constantly butchering the sacredness of the English language.  Do I stand alone in this “corkiness?”  As a society we have killed our language with shortcuts and “dialectual” mumbo-jumbo.  Texting has allowed us to create new word usages.  I don’t believe I stand alone in this crime.  I apologize for the misuse of words and the creation of so many new ones that will never make it into Wikipedia or Webster’s Dictionary.  I love our English language.  It’s just that sometimes it requires a little help with expression.  For that I don’t apologize!

If it wasn’t for spell check and the desire to write properly I would be overwriting all the red marks under my made up words.  Seeing as the computer is much more intelligent that I am, and way more advance in the art of language, I will try to always write my blogs in proper English.  As for me speaking it, well…that’s a whole different story….and I stand by the freedom of my speech.


7 thoughts on “Making it Up

      1. oh,…i didn’t get that correct the first time,…sorry,….so, you meant that “YOU” are corky???? i’m googlin that now………….lol……….

        and,…..i thought students “were” supposed to go home with “new” words???? lol

        i’m sorry, i will be polite, plus, i just realized that all the “commentors” here are women,……this could end badly for me,….lol,………good morning ladies!!!!!!!!

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