Disappearance of a Day


I’ve lost a day this week. I have absolutely no clue which day it was. Last night, sitting on my best friend’s deck, watching the hummingbirds feed and the chipmunks running around, she mentioned something about this weekend. I told her we still had a day to think about that. She reminded me, actually informed me, that the weekend was among us. I looked at her with a shocking perplexed stare wondering if she was off her rocker. Laughing, she brought me to reality. I’ve lost track of the week.

I started to reminisce on each day out loud and tried to figure out what I did each day. She patiently waited and then reminded me of the things I did with her during the week. She corrected me on the course of events. Ah….I kept saying in complete confusion, “What happened to the week? Where did it go?” I don’t think I have Alzheimer’s but my lack of concentration is off a bit and I have no desire to figure it out. I live in my little world and it’s beautiful.

When I was working in the corporate world outside of the home, in a big city, I kept track of the days. I had appointments, a giant to-do list, and so on. I had all six kids at home and their running around moments. I had to take care of everything from the house to the business. I lived by my appointment book and agenda. That was my bible. I was the queen of multi-tasking. Now, I live by whatever comes up in the moment. I try not to make plans.

Time seems to be accelerated. Is it because I am older? I don’t know. But losing an entire day and not figuring out what I did, even though I know I did “stuff” is funny. Living in the moment has its great advantages…you roll with whatever comes up. Things get done, I take my hikes, I write, I take care of business matters, I drive 22 miles down the mountain to the nearest Starbucks once a week, etc. Ah….perhaps that’s what happened….I never made it to Starbucks this week! That might just be the mystery surrounding the lost of a day. I was distracted with nature, redecorating my kitchen, cleaning rooms, talking with guests and sitting by the pond meditating. Creativity dissolves time. There is no way to keep track of it. We are more than half way through May and I can’t recall the things I’ve done this year. I guess I’m not supposed to. What for? There’s no way of returning to the days gone by.

For right now, I will take this Friday and pretend it is Thursday. I will make it down the mountain to get my latte and enjoy what’s left of this speedy week. The only plan I have is to live the days as much as possible in peace.

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