The Assignment

A  young spirit comes to me

somewhere in between

the here and there

through my dreams

to remind me of who

I was to be

way before I made it here

with all the apprehensions,

fears and anxiety.

I was to trust completely

in this life,

to exist fully,

to be alive and aware,

to be free to live and love

as a complete spiritual being

not the half of what I have been giving.

My assignment

deviated somehow

as I entered this world in fear

of failing,


giving completely while

witnessing the emptiness.

I carried a ball of agitation and reverence

for so many years in my center

hoping that it would miraculously vanish.

I’ve occupied this body,

this soul,

this awareness,

waiting to be rescued by God

when all along

God was inside of me

pushing to come out.

And once I allowed the Divine to lead

I would never be the same.


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