The Golden Rule


You look into my eyes

searching for me

as if I was the one who’s lost

inside a labyrinth in the woods.

I am here.

You seem disconnected,

reaching for me to pull you

out of this maze

you have created as your life.

It’s okay.  Give it time.

Eventually the exit will appear

in such a serendipitous way

that even you will be surprised.

You should start by treating yourself

as how you want to be treated.

There is no weakness,

or façade in this action.

Life is the easy stuff,

we make it complicated

with our humanness.


Courage is the guide

that makes the difference between

a good life and a great life.

It’s that simple.  It’s that serene.

It could be so satisfying…if you just let go.

Allow faith to light

the thickness of the forest

and surrender to the world.

Soon the woods won’t seem

so frightening

as you discover who you really are.


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