We are Small

Yesterday I was cleaning out my computer files.  And, in some forgotten corner of computer space this message came out onto the screen.  My daughter, now about to turn 17, has a way of teaching me so much with her vibrant and funny personality.  As I read this entry I was taken back to that night that she shared this with me.  It is so wonderful when God reminds us through a lost file that we are small but so significant!  Enjoy:

November 19, 2005

Last night we went to the mall and while there we ate.  My little, Angelica (10 years old) out of nowhere broke into conversation explaining her favorite day in her life.  She has a habit of busting out of nowhere talking about things completely different from what we are discussing at the moment.  She speaks as her mind wishes.  She began by telling me that this favorite day was last year at her friend Victoria’s sixth birthday:

“My bestest day ever was last year at Victoria’s birthday party.  We were in her backyard laying on the grass looking at the stars and everything was so peaceful.  We took out flashlights and pointed them to the sky and the light never reached.  It was incredible.  I was so blown away.”

“What was so special about that?”  I asked, perhaps a little too cynical because I just couldn’t see where she was going with this.

“Mom, everything seemed so big but the stars were bright and so far.  It made me think about how tiny and very small we are on this world.  It made me think about how God must be so big to take care of so many things at a time.  I mean, can you imagine the job He has trying to take care of people, animals and the earth?  That’s a lot for Him. We are like little ants when He looks down from Heaven.  I just think it is weird that we are so small and He still thinks of each one of us, especially when we pray to Him.”

“And that night was really special to you?”  I asked again, dumbfounded by her energy while she spoke and nodded and her olive-green eyes flickered in delight as she dug into her fries.  The excitement of this conversation was all over her.  She just smiled and continued talking.

“Mom, we are so small aren’t we?  It is such a miracle to live in such a huge place with so many pretty things.  Don’t you think it’s incredible that God has to be watching people and the universe too?”

“It is incredible.  It is amazing that you get it at such a young age.  Never, ever, ever forget it.”

She nodded in assurance, “I can’t, I mean I won’t, cause it was the best day of my life.”
So with this I came home, inspired to write the following poem:

We are Small

Among a blanket of stars
we lay upon His requests,
blown away by magnitude,
by the mere joy
of knowing we are alive
because of something

bigger than us.
We are small,
and at times smaller
than the tiniest organism
when our faith vanishes.
So many questions come and go
in disregard
because we are not puppets


or little ants walking around,

but souls that live to learn,
and learn to live by wonder
in this vast universe.
We are just like stars:
shinning light from the
reflection of Heaven

making miracles
in each passing breath.

We are the angels on earth…we are divine.

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