Misplaced Picture


Today I found your picture

in my messy and overstuffed wallet:

an old knight with a non-shining armor

who stole my heart a thousand years ago.

It was hidden in some secret compartment,

a hole that was made from

too much change –

not the change we ever made together.

I stared at it

debating whether or not to toss it

into the garbage

that symbolized

a painful past

full of secrets and deceit.

I held it tightly,

for whatever unknown reason,

tracing the image smiling back,

remembering the moment

it was captured

as it played out

like an old black and white movie.

To my surprise I replaced it back in the wallet

as if that could replace how I feel

now after so many years

and finally accepting the choices

that have molded me to become

a woman you never got to meet.

Moments later I felt water run down my face,

and I looked up to see if the ceiling was leaking.

I realized I had unresolved emotions

so I allowed the tears to arrive

until I began to laugh at the change

that could be placed inside of

my old wallet,

my new life,

and this forgiving heart.


7 thoughts on “Misplaced Picture

  1. Susan Michaels

    This is truely the best you’ve ever written in my book. I love it. It hit’s so close to home and heart. Thanks Millie.

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