Tambourines and Drums

I lie listening

as the earth

plays tambourines and drums,

the rain falling continuously

splashing against the pond.

It’s been a while.  The rain gives way

to clearing everything in this valley.

The full moon lights the path

to each translucent raindrop.

I feel the land sighing

with a grateful relief.

With each bang and thump

I shake in awed-stricken disbelief,

for being here to witness this gift

that echoes through all of me.

I stay awake to cascades of water

hitting the window sill

and drops of dew entering

through the screens.

It all becomes a rhythmic

meditation, a prayer,

to the universal awareness

that Spirit expands

through each droplet.

The tambourines,

the maracas, the drums,

all orchestrated symphonic melodies

are being provided in a free concert

from the Divine.

All my emotions surrender with

the falling and giant release,

and I am taken back

into a peaceful sleep

where the Beloved arrives

with a gentle kiss.


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