Our Truth


I’ve written you this note,

to ask for some insight into you and me

and how we’ve chosen

to interconnect in this life.

Our perceptions of each other

are all illusions

because the parts you see in me

are reflections of your own spirit

and vice versa.

We are only vehicles in a grand plan

traveling down the same path

at this particular juncture.


Don’t promise me things for tomorrow.

I only want assurance in this moment.

We are not responsible for the untold future,

or the burden to fill each others needs.


Ask me to sing along to the songs in your heart

but don’t expect harmonious perfection

since we are not morphed into one.

We are the union of two—

not one divided into halves.


Show me your love,

not necessarily in words,

but with a touch of your fingertips on my cheek,

or the break of a smile whenever we meet again,

or a gentle glance that says,

“There you are!

I’ve been waiting for you to arrive.”


Don’t tell me about your horrible past,

I wasn’t part of that life.

Why go to places that I didn’t witness

or try to force a break in my perception

of us now that we are fully experienced

in falling and ascending into greater beings?

Your past brought you here to me.

Don’t demand to know my history,

it is better to know the me of now.

I am the sum of all my experiences

and that’s all that matters.


Take me by the hand and show me your tributes

and how you conquered the demons

who lost their battle

because your kindness and faith

could never be jeopardized.


Tell me of your joys, belief, dreams,

that are waiting to be shared,

so compassion and love

can take you by the hand

to assure you that I am here right now

with you to partake in. I will stay.

My running shoes have finally been recycled—

I am not going anywhere.

Can you also sit next to me in silence

without guilt or remorse

and eventually shout, “I find truth in my life.

I want to share it with you!”


Tell me something that truly exists

so I can dive into you

learning the mysteries of your spirit.

And, when I share mine please

don’t criticize or judge the words

that exit my soul.

I don’t want to know how you got here,

just that you are in the present with me.

Can you withstand this truth

and live with yourself

without needing to change me?


Now come…

let’s share our divinity

and authentic selves in this journey.

Let’s intertwine

and find the path of least resistance

to the place where only love


You will never have to be brave alone

because I am here

courageously waiting on you.


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