No Ending


I was taken aback


when someone asked me

about you

and how I was handling

your abrupt disappearance

from my life?

I stopped to think

and that in itself

told me I am healing

when the pain is no longer here

to remind me of the lost.

I answered with a smile,
“He was such a great experience

and I still love him.”

But the truth is that you were more…

you were the night sky

full of twinkling lights

guiding me

to learn about love

unlike any other man:

the falling in love part,

the breaking of my heart,

the strength in trusting again,

the getting up and trying once more,

the complete letting go into another.

You were perfect

at being imperfect

and me standing back

not needing to fix you.

You walked away to spare me

of your destruction.

Now, hours later,

after dreaming with you

and me

hiking through the woods

to visit my favorite boulder

I still smile

because you are like that rock

up there…

solid, firm, and beautifully

imprinted in my memories

that travel through endless

landscapes of love, forgiveness,

and letting go.

Our story was short,

just a few chapters

full of sweet moments,

and I know

it hasn’t quite finished

because the end

hasn’t been written yet.


5 thoughts on “No Ending

      1. unfetteredbs

        — I really do enjoy your blog and your meanderings. they are very thought provoking and you tend to refocus me.

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