The Stars are to Blame

This Mercury Retrograde (if you believe in that sort of planetary stuff) has been kicking our emotional bodies. It seems that this retrograde is about letting go and releasing old patterns. It is purging all the negativity out of people. Egos are flying all over the galaxies while hitchhiking on some judgmental-bigotry-uncompassionate spaceship. The backward movement of planets seems to bring out garbage and complete irrational behavior.

There is no rationale these days. I usually don’t write about things like organized religion or politics, but listening to (and reading) others for a week has made me realize that compassion has left the planet. Can I really blame astrology for the craziness? Between the fast food chicken guy and the political state of this country, we seem to be focusing on pettiness and negativity. What is happening to us?

I am no medium, psychic or prophet but it doesn’t take one of those to foresee where all this hatred will take us. I don’t belong to any organized religion or political party. My only religion is God, love and forgiveness. God is not an intolerable-bigot being. We are not homosexuals or heterosexuals. We are humanity. We are not black, white, yellow, red or brown. We are flesh and blood. We all go through love, hate, joy, sadness, ups and downs. We are the human race all under the love of Divinity. Even in this country, our forefathers implemented, “All men are created equal” and “Liberty and justice for all.”

Obviously the effects of the moon (which is twice this month) and the planetary alignments are affecting our behavior. What is transpiring all this ignorance, intolerance, hatred, judgment and bigotry? Why are we all so tightly squeezed to persist in controlling others to believe there’s one way to everything: politically, religiously, and so on? Somewhere and somehow the planets must be the reason for this insanity. I have to believe it is this! When I hear a ridiculous appalling statement from a so-called Christian I have to believe he’s feeling the powers of this retrograde, because being “Christian” is believing in Jesus Christ. J.C. loved all. He had not one cell of bigotry or hatred or rejection. He taught compassion, forgiveness, faith and love. Now, I know there are people out there who take the Bible and translate it to fit just about anything. That’s fine. But, let’s remember that we are all part of one race…the human race. We all come into this world via the love of God.

We are made from love to love. God created us with diversities in order to learn and experience life. I hope that all this chaos over a man and his chicken sandwich is just a reaction to the planetary formations. I pray, otherwise we are in big trouble! History shows that bigotry, intolerance, and hate don’t have a happy ending. It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, Hindi, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Jehovah Witness, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. It never, ever, ever ends well when you have hatred or rejection in your soul.

Perhaps this retrograde can allow us to look inward and find the importance of releasing darkness. All of this insanity has a huge price on control and manipulation, almost like a survivor of the fittest. If I didn’t know better I have to believe that after the 25th of this month things will magically turn around. Fingers and toes are totally crossed! I want the human race to be on the same track, racing towards love and forgiveness. I expect the conscious growth of the universe to expand and we can go back to eating chicken sandwiches without judgment or bigotry. Time is so precious to be wasting on hating one another. Let’s stop this he-said-she-said-they-said nonsense. On the next retrograde I think I am just going to hide under a boulder up my mountain. I need to be outside experiencing the Divine in its purest form…through nature.


12 thoughts on “The Stars are to Blame

  1. Robert W

    Astrology is for us all, we need to gain greater clarity regarding its awesome function in our lives. The Planets do not cause , they reflect. “Mans mind mirrors and universe that mirrors man’s mind”. Understand it well and leave the shadows of confusion and misinformation behind once and for all.

  2. Amy

    That is so well written, like I wrote the words myself….I feel exactly the same way!!! You are amazing!!! Love you and Miss you guys!!! Peace and Love Always and Forever!!!!

  3. The interesting thing about this particular time is not that the planets cause anything…they can’t! It’s that these periods of time seem to be the equivalent of stirring a pot: all the stuff that’s sunk at the bottom comes up to the top. Hopefully for us to see, examine, and skim off the gunk! 🙂

    1. Absolutely! I am not really blaming the stars or astrological movements. I am trying to point out that humanity needs to find a place and space to return to the basics of love and compassion. And like you say, “all the stuff that’s sunk at the bottom comes up to the top.” It is funny to witness even the most calm-collected person go into a frenzy about issues like homosexuality and the President. These are subjects that rich passionate heights. If we could just use that same passion and direct it towards love and compassion. Man, that would be pure perfection in our world! Thanks for always bringing your wisdom. Much love!

  4. Reblogged this on The Golden Life and commented:
    This blog post by one of my closest friends is, as some of us would say, “right on!”. Oh, I know some people may be offended by the truths stated herein, but if the shoe fits….well, just get over it. Neither my friend nor I posted/re-posted this blog with any intent to offend anyone. We simply wanted/want to share what we happen to feel/believe. Have a great day and enjoy!

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