Hello Again

Hello, my friend,
it’s me again.

I find you in avoidance
of speaking to me
because you cannot run —
I know your sorrows,
your passion,
your dreams,
and it aches you to come back
to find solace in me.
I am here.
I have not left your side.

Feel the comfort of your weariness
subside through your shoulders.
Feel the breeze caressing you
as you walk through your day.
Feel the touch of a hand
holding you back from pain.
I am here, hello again.

You are not alone in this moment.
You are not abandoned by me.
I am allowing you to crawl,
to walk and to run towards me
whenever you decide to return for freedom.
I am in your spirit.
I am the desire that questions your heart.
I am the stability in your doubts
that whisper darkness but then
turn, miraculously, into light.
I am divinity, eternal faith,

omnipotence power,
supreme manifestation,
and I am here for you.
Ask and I will give,
not the things that will continue to hurt,
but the peace that you deserve.
Hello, my child,
hello again.

I am the silence in that last thought….


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