An Insomniac’s Dream

It almost seems unnatural

to wake at this time

as quietness embraces the earth,

darkness engulfs and swallows

everything around me.

Precious sleep eludes me

and I try to optimize the event:

I can write.

I can read.

I can meditate.

But regardless of my Pollyanna virtue

of seeing the greatness in these hours,

I cannot find comfort

alone in a bed,

fighting with blankets

and a thousand pillows

that fill the emptiness of my sighs,

bringing frustration and anxiety

into a place I refuse to reside.

Sleep has become a lost lover

full of sweet fainted memories

that haunt the nighttime.

What can I do

when all I want

is to travel into the Land of Deep Slumber

and dream…

hibernating into hallucinations

that make me so very, very, very happy?


9 thoughts on “An Insomniac’s Dream

  1. unfetteredbs

    we really should create a “chat room” for all of us — insomiacs unite. I love this poem. you really nailed the frustration and desire of sleep. Hibernating into hallucinations– love this

    1. I agree. Another freaking night lost to darkness and the desire of doing nothing. I’m beginning to wonder what i can do. I exhaust myself with exercise

      I meditate, try to relax and sleep still seems to have lost my address. Hope you are doing well. Have a great Saturday.

  2. Well put. Nothing is more frustrating than lying in bed, tired but not sleeping. I usually try to think of a story, or mentally wander through the set of one of my stories, just looking at stuff. Here’s to a good night’s rest. 🙂

  3. I think you are doing too much movement and not enough stillness..with your mind and body…all the diggging in the creek for rocks ,the work around the property,. the energies of all the people coming and going..all are wonderful but are a lot of stimulation. And I know you when your body isn’t moving your mind is going a thousand miles an do I know…because I am like that too. But I sleep very well and am grateful. I usually have a glass of wine at night or drink sleepy time tea..and if I do have an occassional night when I can’t sleep I just get up and enjoy whatever time it is ❤ But I have also learned over the years how to stop my mind and racing thoughts..after suffering from Anxiety/Panic attacks. It took a while but bio feedback is great..learning how the mind controls the body.. hugs and see you later to have some of that down time. Love you

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