Mysteries in Writing

I sit in front of my laptop staring at a blank screen each morning.  I have no expectations of what will appear behind the cursor.  I light my incense, a few candles on the table, and say my prayers.  This is my morning ritual in silence.  I never know where I will be taken after those initial moments.  It seems rather selfish of me to take any credit for the words that manifest.  I rarely do!  Just like a music composer, my fingers have a direct line to some other source in the universe.

There are times that I write poems of lovers that don’t exist in my life.  I’ve written poems of things I know nothing about, but then come to pass as if I was also following the cursor on the screen.  In such cases I let Spirit do its thing.  I am constantly awed by the imagery, description, experiences and moments that teach me through my own writing.  But it isn’t MY writing.  I am merely a secretary.

A few months ago I wrote a poem called Your Story.  It wasn’t written for anyone in particular.  It poured out of me like a cascade and within seconds I had to reach for my phone in the middle of the night and type it quickly.  I had to make sure each word was documented while conceiving line after line.  I have thousands of poems put away, discarded, forgotten in one form or another.  I cannot recite a single one of them.  But, this poem has continued to speak to me.  Recently I met the person that requires my devoted attention to hear a story.  I want to know everything.  And it is then that I think of this poem and believe I was being prepared for the arrival.

To me, writing is mysterious.  It is magical.  The arrival of such messages makes me giddy.  I never know when the words will touch someone.  I am always surprised by how others react to certain pieces.  What truly touches me is that I learn from those words on the computer screen, searching for me to understand something new. We are not alone.  We are never alone and it is priceless to share experiences through the written word while allowing us to feel even less secluded in the path of discovery.

Life is a wonderful journey.  Each person lives to leave behind a legacy of their truth.  May you find that one person who enters your space and you can’t wait to hear their story….

Your Story

Tell me something I don’t know…

the charisma that

defines and expresses

the things you leave behind

that no one else has known.

Share your story right now:

the joys,

the sadness,

the in-between,

which molded you

into this spectacular current chapter

of your memoir

that now includes me.

Let me touch each syllable

in your words

as I trace your lips to find their truth.

Shower me with your adjectives

and enrich me in the beauty

that you have witnessed.

Grab me with your verbs

making me delirious with excitement

for the things that have

taken you here and there.

Carry me with your nouns

to all those places I’ve never visited

and let me see them through your eyes.

Let me enter

into you

to finally become us

in this grand experience,

this guided journey,

full of interconnected stories

with sentences and paragraphs;

questions, exclamations, and periods;

indentations, spaces, and pauses.

Allow our humanness

to unfold,


marvel, and share

without ever having to worry

that you are alone in this exposition.

Let this composition end

with the knowing

that the Divine has been

the narrator of your saga

and all that you are

has been a plan to teach you

that love is all we need to

gather in this adventure of life.

11 thoughts on “Mysteries in Writing

  1. unfetteredbs

    But it isn’t MY writing— I beg to differ Millie. These are your words.. yes, you have something to do with the goodness and the thoughtfulness that flows from your keyboard– your heart drives your words.
    I love love this… you really have a gift my new friend. Your Divinity gave you the gift to use… and dazzling us you are!

  2. I think I know this person… for me, it is you. When spirits connect, stories are like wardrobes. The further in you go the more possible it is to see a whole different world. (thank you Narnia). Peace…

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