The Funhouse

We are walking mirrors

of each other

in the vastness of space,

dimension and time

reflecting visions,

of greatness,



lies and so on –

all masqueraded

as fools

with enlarged egos,

doubtful perceptions,

watching from glass walls,

uneven paths,

and moving pictures of the past.

Each turn leads

to another revelation,

a truth that sometimes

distorts all images

with secrets stored away

and we must stand there

waiting to focus our eyes

to reach the heart

in acceptance of

who we really are

in this soul-time.

Spirit dances,

traveling ahead,

full of excitement

to the rhythm of

Universal music,

patiently waiting until

that moment

when the exit can be seen

to finally find

freedom in the surrendered

authenticity of the Divine


neatly waiting,






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