Harmony in Healing

When I woke this morning I thought it was Friday.  It really doesn’t matter what day it is.  They are all the same.  I am not going into an office.  I get to go outside and work in nature.  Last evening I sat on the dock looking at the pond and all the magnificent colors reflecting from the trees.  In a moment I was so grateful.  I was overwhelmed with emotions of gratitude for being here.  Never in a million years would I have imagined being in this magical place tucked away from the world.  I never would have thought my life could get any sweeter and beautiful.  It is because of this peacefulness that I have been able to purge things from years of trauma and abuse.  My life is quite simple.  There are no more fancy cars, trips to Europe, and huge houses.  There is no elaborate bank account.  There is just me and that assurance that each month the Universe takes care of us and our living needs.

On an amazing evening of Halloween friends gathered here.  Everyone shared scary stories, not the ones of the bogeyman but the ones that molded each of us into who we are today.  These are the stories of survival, perseverance, and truth. Sharing and shedding old beliefs is never easy.   My own past seems to get caught in a web of fears and I have to work really hard to avoid the mental agonizing impairment.  I will not go into that darkness that victimizes.  I cannot live my life based on what can happen.  I am only responsible for this moment.  At the same time secrets from childhoods visit so many of us.  We are always working to prove the memories wrong.

Each person moves at a different spectrum.  Life does not happen to us.  Life happens from us.  When we let go of those stressful strains that fill our spaces, trying to fill the emptiness, we let go of a struggling life.  I live for those moments that I cannot describe because they take my breath away.    We are such complex beings, but we are made in the image of divinity.

It is said that time heals all wounds.  This is only if and when we are ready to release what has hurt us.  I’ve known people whose wounds are older than me and are still living in the memory of the event or trauma.  Surrendering, letting go, releasing…these are all beautiful words of wisdom.  They sound simple.  It’s like telling a person who lives on adrenaline to stop and relax.  How?  How can one start to let go? Not everything that needs to be learned is pretty.  Some things are monstrous, shameful and horrendous in nature, but it is those things that require release.  Piggy backing secrets is a sure way of stomping growth and the flow of life.

I am learning everyday to throw caution to the wind.  As a friend recently said, “We can achieve anything as long as we get out of our own way.”  I am constantly reminded that what keeps me from achieving anything is me.  I am getting better at releasing and surrendering.  I don’t recognize the woman I was just a year ago.  I am peeling the onion layers at a time, but instead of getting smellier as I get to the core, I am getting sweeter.  Life is getting so uncomplicated and delicious.  Nights with friends, gathered around truth, releasing ghouls and monsters…that is the best therapy in the world.

What are you willing to surrender in order to start living?  We all have to be honest and determine what’s important.  If your past is killing you then stop looking at the rear view mirror, you don’t live there anymore.  Sharing and letting go frees the skeletons in the closet and allows you to finally bury them in the ground.  You are only responsible for your life and your choices!  Go live!!!!!
“True forgiveness is when you can say, “Thank you for that experience.”” – Oprah Winfrey


16 thoughts on “Harmony in Healing

  1. The Opra quote is so powerful. People look at me funny in my upper middle class life when I say I am thankful for the time I had to live in my car. That experience gives my abundant days a different subtext — one of gratitude and amazement. I am thankful to find yet another person who understands. -Renee

    1. Absolutely, sweetie. Those moments are stepping stones over rocky waters. They make us appreciate life. Bravo to you! You are a constant source of amazement and inspiration. Thank YOU! Much love and light! Millie

      1. So glad you are back from your blogging sabbatical! I don’t know how you manage to write so much: I’m plunking away at finishing the semester and developing classes for the next. After 15 years at home I find myself suddenly- and I knew it would land in my land one day– back in academia. This time I’m learning how to stay quiet when I need to and when it’s ok to push forward… perhaps this is the returning from motherhood stance as well! But, I take a mini retreat with your blog– which helps with my day which –for now– runs on a stop clock of drop offs/pickups, grade papers, write, read, develop lectures… it’s all good, but sometimes a bit much! So – you provide me with that break. I saw Maxine Hong Kingston speak yesterday. She talked about retreats – the definition – to go back and treat again. This i found helpful as i develop a writing workshop on writing and healing. i am so lucky things happen as they should in their own time. Best to you, Renee

      2. Renee, I have to constantly be stepping away every few months to retreat as well. I go through these spurs of writing a lot and then nothing. Those 21 days in my sabbatical helped tremendously. Thank you for including me in your precious life. Best of luck and don’t work too hard. You are an amazing writer, and I am certain an insightful teacher! Millie

      3. Thank you. With the blast of re-entering teaching, I feel reawakened! With teaching college I am so fully THERE… unlike when I tried teaching k-12… i loved my students, but the intellectual and spiritual thrust of teaching writing was just missing.
        So appreciate your insights and you in my life too Millie! – Renee

      4. Renee, I wish you lived closer. I would benefit from such insightful and gifted wisdom from a teacher like you. Much love! You are not the same teacher you were. You are now being guided (and allowing) Spirit to teach with you.
        Hugs! Millie

  2. Sue

    I love that bit of wisdom of getting out of our own way! It reminds me of a scene in “The Legend of Bagger Vance” — which Sam & I just watched last night. (Well, I watched it. He slept through it. Haha) — and it’s so darn true! Love you lots!

  3. “We all have to be honest and determine what’s important.”

    Honesty is key to a happy everything: happy life, happy relationship, happy parent-child relationship, everything… One lie corrupts everything.

  4. As usual I love your article, it comes straight from the heart and goes to the hearts…
    Your place sounds like the ideal place, it’s unusual with all the big cities everywhere, but a dream in my opinion, I’m glad to hear you appreciate it to its true value and happy for you finding your way to serenity

    1. Thank you. When we finally come to terms with the reason for our existence, we let go and find ease. Those anxieties of constantly trying to make a name or leave a legacy disappear. Life becomes a joy to travel. I am glad it has only taken me half a lifetime. I appreciate your kind and generous words, always!!!! Millie

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