Sporadic Conclusions

Sometimes when I talk I don’t say anything.

Sometimes when I listen I only hear sounds.

Sometimes I hear what is not being said.

Sometimes I let go of love so it can find its way back.

Sometimes I can smell the rain way before it arrives.

Sometimes I smile without a single reason.

Sometimes when I laugh God holds my heart.

Sometimes I love so much that I feel my chest expand.

Sometimes the best cup of coffee is shared with a friend.

Sometimes a glass of wine solves the world’s problems.

Sometimes I witness divinity when looking at a stranger’s eyes.

Sometimes when I write it isn’t coming from me.

Sometimes solitude is my best friend.

Sometimes being in nature is all I desire to live for.

Sometimes a kind word from a stranger becomes a mood changer.

Sometimes holding someone’s hand is all that matters.

Sometimes my children teach me how to be human.

Sometimes a lover leaves a little part of them in my soul.

Sometimes the filtering system in my mouth is malfunctioned.

Sometimes I stare at the night sky and wish I could fly.

Sometimes when I meditate I can feel God cradling my body.

Sometimes memories from the past paralyze me.

Sometimes when I dream I get to travel to places beyond my mind.

Sometimes warm socks change a sour mood.

Sometimes the smells of sweet candles remind me of another life.

Sometimes the things I see aren’t always there.

Sometimes what I say gets lost in translation.

Sometimes a great book is the most amazing journey.

Sometimes I talk to rocks and they answer me with gratitude.

Sometimes when I pray I feel the world in the palm of my hands.

Sometimes I take long rides through new places to see if I get lost.

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head and admit I know nothing.

Sometimes I realize how difficult we make living.

Sometimes I cry because I am being touched in spirit.

Sometimes letting go is the only answer.

Sometimes when I meet a special soul I want to dive into their heart forever.

Sometimes, it only takes a second to realize how precious life really is,

and how we are all connected to one another… always.


“Chances multiply if you grab them.” – Yogi tea bag


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