The familiar taste of your kiss,
the smell of your skin,
the imprint of your hands
all come back in a second
to the sound of your voice
from miles away….

How well you know me
after decades of this tango
pushing and pulling
ignoring space and time.

This is a rhythmic dance
unlike any other.
You push.  I pull.
You give.  I take.
You hold.  I fold.
We always find firm ground
to love the chemistry of us
moving without music

to some cosmic groove.

I have no agenda
to this coming and going
we both silently embrace.

Love has little to do with it.
It is comfort and the magic
of knowing our bodies
so desperately very well.

Gratitude overshadows
every other facet.
Your kisses lure my cellular memory,

enticing intimacy from a distance.


You have always known how to open

the secrets stored in me

with a golden key

to the untouched places of vulnerability.
Before I recognize

what is happening





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