The Perfect Day

Peaceful Quest winter time

Cozy pj’s wrapped near the warmth

of an old brick fireplace;

alternating between a chick-flick

and a trashy socialite meaningless novel;

homemade bean and ham soup simmering

in a crock-pot

infused by the enticing scent

of chocolate chip cookies in the oven

while the snow falls hard

outside the window.

My children next to me,

cuddled in their youth,

at ease with the nothingness of winter

and the height of this mountain day.

This is the definition of harmony

purified by the earth’s whiteness,

the powdery substance that cushions the ground

surrounding the cloud of our home.

Laughter from a joke,

a cup of tea,

and the love inside the walls of our lives

all complete the transcendence

dawn-to-dark hours that make memories.


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

  1. I LOVE this!!! I can smell the soup, cookies, and the fire in the fireplace … all wonderful memories of childhood that make me smile! All that’s missing is the snowman that Dad, big brother, and I made while Mom got the soup started on the stove. (What she would have given to get her hands on a crockpot back then!!) Enjoy making those memories with the kids! My love to all of you!

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