A man crossing the street,

one parking an old white Monte Carlo,

another paying for grapes at the check-out

20 items or less…

I see you everywhere

and hear a voice inside

with your tone, rhythm and melody,

whispering, “Never let me go!”

A movie, an actor, a theme

parallel to our lifetime

brings a thought, some moment frozen in time –

you and I in heat,

no longer teenagers but impersonating youth,

legs intertwined, us puzzled by the flexibility

the way lovers find one another

over and over without inhibitions.

I see you in a distance

or hear your breathing next to me

as I search through darkness on my bed

only to find pillows warming my body.

I watch you in my dreams

somewhere in the mountains

as we talked about so many times,

but I am here,

you are elsewhere.

For now I see you everywhere…

in the new faces I smile at,

a stranger unable to reach my heart,

and I know you will come to me once again

on the first day

of the rest of our lives.

8 thoughts on “Everywhere

  1. Sue

    Beautifully written! A little sad that “he” isn’t there where you can touch him; but hopeful that one day you’ll find each other again. I truly love this, your gift, and you!

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