Give Me

Give me back the poem I placed in your heart,
the song I implanted in your soul,
the memories I delicately left in your mind.
Give me back the self confidence
you so easily took years ago
and let me fly with my own wings.
Give me my enchantment,
my bewitching laughter,
my blissful sensuality.
Give me my smile so I can use it elsewhere;
my touch so I can penetrate another;
my words so I can make a difference to
other ears who can appreciate them.
Give me the beauty you overlook;
the body you took for granted;
the wisdom you have always discarded
and let the world be the judge
of who I really am.
Give back what you took
and keep taking
even after it has been done
because I have allowed you so easily
to treat me this way.
Give me the part of my ego
that holds depth, dimension
and compassion.
Give me the knowledge
I let you borrow.
Return completely what is mine
give me back my essence.


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