Nothing Escapes my Lips

I sit sipping on my blue glass

full of Pinot Noir

trying to write you a letter


why I cannot return to you

when suddenly I stop.

The memories of us

drip into my glass

with soft spoken words,

hands gliding all around us

smoothing out the harshness

of what we have now become.

I am not that same woman,

even with a bit of a tipsy side —

I know when wrong is wrong.

And, yes,

you made me feel like I’ve never felt

and made me think like I’ve never thought,

but this karmic energy has to stop

before I melt again

into a nothingness

that has taken more than wine

to get me back to feeling.

My lips can’t let go of words

so I must continue to write

what the heart inscribes

in a handwritten letter

that will most likely

never get stamped or mailed

because I can’t kiss

the envelope goodbye.


17 thoughts on “Nothing Escapes my Lips

    1. You are so awesome with generosity. You make me smile. I was telling Bobbie during our trip I couldn’t write one single poem even though I was journaling like a mad woman. Then the past visits me and bang…the words flow like a waterfall. Crazy!

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