The Only Alibi

There you were

waiting in my dreams

full of child-like anticipation

as you took my hand

maneuvering us

through the forest

and flying off the mountain side.

You held me tightly

as we glided over oceans,

seas and lakes.

We rocketed to the end

of the atmosphere,

passing satellites,

and sitting on a star

watching the blue-green dot

of my perceived reality

as lights twinkled far below

a world breathing and living

in complete awed-stricken grace.

You ironed the worried lines

on my face

with gentle kisses,

delightful whispers,

and that smile that always

made me turn into a goddess.

When I woke this morning

I could smell autumn

still on my skin,

the morning dew from our flight,

and turning to the right

found the little piece of the moon

you left on the pillow

holding a heart-shaped leaf

as the only evidence

of our magical encounter.


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