The Subject of Love

You ask me,

“How can you love

without fears

or criticism,

or any demands,

while truly allowing yourself

to fall deep into the

endless hole of sentimentalism?”


I answer,

“There are no coincidences,

but a unity of time

colliding without our

conscious knowledge

even in love.

There is an unexplainable synchronism

from elsewhere.

It is in such that we find another

to love and live in the same breath

regardless of fears and insecurities.”


You scratch your head

and continue,

“How can you give of yourself

so deeply and not get lost in its web

of exhaustion and live to be fulfilled

with the assumption of its empathy?”


I smile,

“Ah, but it can be done.

It can be consumed,

not for one orgasmic second,

but for a lifetime

as long as nothing is expected in return;

as long as you surrender

the entire heart

with faith, compassion,

forgiveness, grace, and goodwill…

it is then that love

ascends from your spirit to meet the world.”


You took my hand,

and together we flew

into the mysteries of Divinity.



16 thoughts on “The Subject of Love

  1. unfetteredbs

    I agree with Melody.. this requires more than one reflection. Allowing full consumation and ultimately, surrender is hard..loving without fear- impossible
    You Millie are quite the writer and thinker

      1. livvy1234

        It can be, it can’t be, and it can be and can’t be.
        It is, it is not, it is and is not. There is the meeting place of yin and yang. The land of loverly is momentary as is the land of suffering. F l o w.

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