Then there was You

Then there was you,

a twin-flame

who knew the very voice,

light, and


of my being

while arriving with the knowing

that it would be temporarily.


There is you in the morning dew,

the last breath of evening,

the smell of every flower,

the vision of each sunset I witness.

There is you in the silent growth

of each evolving year

with that energy and ambition

of becoming a better me

because you believed I

could be and do anything.


There is you in every shiver,

noise, movement,

crevices of my spirit…

in every song forming in my heart;

in every word flowing onto a page

rhythmically forming

a silhouette of you.


There is you in my memories,

living in my dreams,

trying to find a way

to hold onto the principle,

the faithful reality

that love is everywhere

waiting for me

until the day we meet again.



10 thoughts on “Then there was You

      1. that’s a big part of the reason you dig me though, correct??? who is to blame ya??? do “like” causes really produce “like” effects, millie???

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