You once held my hands,

now you hold my heart.

You once held my body,

now you hold my memories.

I want so badly to fly to you,

forgetting all I’ve said,

so I can have you embrace

those parts of me

that no one else can find

in these moments

that drape over me

at 3AM.

I want to be your violin

while you create

the melody of us

over and over

pulling each string,

hollowing out the edges

and allowing

the magic of your touch

to expand us into greatness.

I want your hands claiming mine,



knotting us into one being.


how I want to wear

your eyes on me,

your kisses on my skin,




7 thoughts on “Intertwined

  1. “It never comes from me when it’s good”? Nonsense! Of course it does, from somewhere deep inside you, a place where you don’t give yourself enough credit for your own worth. You inspire me, Lady, in more ways than you know.

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