Re-creation of Self

girl in rain

I heard a voice through

the walls of night ask,

“What is your

contribution in this life…

today, tomorrow, always?”
So I went out
into the rain,
meeting Spirit,
in the middle
of a field,
embracing droplets
from the sky,
allowing the



diluting of
ideas, demands, and perception.
We met there in all of life,
in the joyous drenches,
releasing the past
and transporting me

back to childhood,
to what was momentous
in retrieving my innocence.
I heard once again,

“I will hold your hand

as you free all restraints

of ego and self-doubt.”

Then I realized…

we’ve met here before
in every moment of letting go,



and loving.

And now, we engage in

the rain to erase

all adjectives,


and verbs

while only affirming

the pronoun-creation

of “I am.”

20 thoughts on “Re-creation of Self

  1. What is your contribution in this life…? Always a good question to ask yourself. I think you can add creating beautiful poetry to your contribution list. 🙂
    I just started reading that book. (Behind the Beautiful Forevers) It’s excellent.

  2. I love this poem…so insightful! And an excellent question to ask of oneself! I would hope that my work with and love for this crazy little “demon dog” counts for something at the end of my life. I know your lovely poetry and stories are at least a part of your contribution…we all enjoy it so much!

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