Infinite You

infinite wisdom

Sometimes out there

in the middle of your story

there is a truth

that only you can witness.

No matter how hard you press,

peel, shake or rattle

no one can hear or taste

that which lives

deeply rooted in your heart.

And in those moments,

when loneliness

visits and extends into

an unwanted vacation,

your truth is tested

against the will of reality,

tangled into what is

perception and

what is spirit.

How much do you need

or want to be heard?

Is it ego that dictates

this knowledge?

What lies in that importance

of the acceptance from others?

Wisdom comes when you let go,

surrender to what is not,

and freedom from divinity

arrives releasing…

it is then

when peace embraces

the light of

everything you are

and everything you

can ever be–

that which has no labels

of truth or the validity

of the infinite You.


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