Radical Randomness


Somewhere in the middle

of discomfort

lies peace

waiting to be embraced



The thunder pounds outside,


drumming against my chest

as I wait for sleep.

The rain whips the windows

with heaviness

as my emotions

run down,

trickling to the pond

and I

find dreams  moving

further       and               further              away

while thoughts of you move

closer & closer.

Tonight I miss you

through this torrential excess

that perfectly sets

the backdrop for

what we do best…

love one




a beginning_______ line


an end.


“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” – Bob Marley

34 thoughts on “Radical Randomness

    1. Thank you but I am disappointed because I had added specific fonts in “word” as I was typing it. They were bold and had different shapes creating more of a cascade. But as always, when I copy and past on WordPress it goes away. It is what it is.
      Love is like that.. Comes and goes depending on the thoughts.

      1. I totally understand what u mean about the fonts and stuff… I have poems that have specific placements on the page … then I put them in WordPress and it’s all left justified. booo hisss…. totally feel you, hun. But great write regardless!

      1. I have similar thoughts and it feels good, not being alone..
        There is a magic in words, they are able to pull out your emotions and the context, so you can come out of yourself and into yourself, but by a different door… 😉

      2. Your words and form of expression are magical. I don’t (I can’t) take credit for what comes through on paper or computer. The words just flow out whenever they are ready. Sometimes when time passes I re-read a poem I don’t know how it was created. I rarely remember any of the poems or essays once I write them. That’s how I know they are not for me. Thank you.

      3. Im a foreigner so I dont know your common expressions I form my own. What I tell you is, I truly like your relation to yourself and whats hidden beyond. To me language is just a facilitator, true meaning and power is in your presence to your coherence. And thus the muses whispers in your ear..

      4. You are too kind 😉 I guess I should live in an English speaking country. The words comes likes whispers like a said, but it is sometimes difficult to interpret. If I read Shakespeare I almost feel his presence, talking to me without words.

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