I believe in signs. I allow the divine to speak to me in whatever form necessary for my spirit to feel connected to the things I am to do. This past week I have struggled with technology. First the contacts on my iPhone (which were over 300 professional and personal) disappeared into web heaven. I didn’t back anything up. I now have heard from several people about backing up my system on some kind of “cloud” of which I think, “I’ve been on a cloud ‘cause I am clueless.” Funny how no one had mentioned this to me before! Nonetheless, I’ve lost most of the information. That’s fine! I believe the universe wanted me to “clean house.” People from my past needed to move on….

Now my computer has decided to pick and choose which programs I am to go on. WordPress is one of them. So, in view of my little “situation” I have decided to be off the mass media circuit for a little while. Every so often I have to step away from it all and go into a quiet sabbatical. The Divine is nudging me to do so in view of the aggravation with techie stuff. I’ve decided to go old-school and keep a Rolodex of contact information again. No cloud needed for backing up a paper system. No heavenly calls from the other side of the universe to store my computer files either. I believe it is just plain simple: step back and let the chit chat of external noises go. Move inward into whatever is needed. I always find that quietness to be a place of peace. And, it is in those times that I learn so much.

I will be back soon. Meantime keep writing, sharing and teaching! Much love to all….Millie

9 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I know how you feel about the rolodex, I still have a paper calendar 🙂 Sometimes low tech is better. I’m hoping Nemo doesn’t decide that I need to take a break from electricity today/tonight… Have a wonderful vacation from technology, we all need that some times.

  2. I have everything on paper, too! I’m so much happier being my old school self.
    Take all the time you need to replenish your soul and recharge your batteries. clean house… We could all probably use that wisdom.
    You’ll be missed!
    Enjoy the peace.

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