The Bridge


Love is the bridge

between two souls

waiting to unite

over the colors of life.


Will you wait for me

or come looking

through the depth of

the unknown?

I stand here with

an open heart

searching for your body

to cross over

and join me half way

into this life,

this story.


Love is the shortest

distance between


and the truth…

we’ve all been standing

on this bridge of time

accompanied by Divinity.



22 thoughts on “The Bridge

      1. Oh Millie my dear,

        Normally, I don’t reply to a reply as I respect the blog owner should have the last word.

        But you referred to me as ‘dear friend’ – that is, so very lovely.

        Thank you friend,
        Eric 🙂

      2. Eric, we are distant friends on this blog world. We read and learn from one another, supporting thoughts and feelings. Isn’t that what friends do?
        Have a blessed day!!!!!

  1. Your poem is a lovely and genuine hug from your heart! I am blessed by what I see and feel from your spirit, as it also lives in mine! God bless and much love to you Millie you are a true blessing and thanks for visiting and following my blog! Your daily smiles are loved and appreciated my sister! P.S. Such a very lovely poem!

    1. You are an inspiration. Thank you for allowing others to enter your world as well. I am always in awed of this blogging community. It is wonderful to know others are out there! Mucho love to you. love and light, dear friend!

  2. “Love is the bridge between two souls…”
    What a lovely thought, and truth! Lovely poem for a lazy Sunday morning, or any other morning! Love you lots!!!

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