Imprints in the Sand

Footprints in the sand 

Stick like silence

Penetrating for just a while

Until water washes them away. 


I hear your words

Through the quietness 

Instilled between us

As layers of time

Cover the spaces

And you come in and out

Of the shoreline 

Bringing whatever 

Suits you in a moment. 


Don’t be fooled

By my generosity to stand

Near you eternally.

It doesn’t mean I won’t 

Love you —

Just not in the way

You want.  I’ve become 

A shell sustained

By the harshness of

Substance hitting

Rocks, grinding into depth,

And traveling alone. 


I am not a doormat

To clean the sand

Any time you feel 

Willingly able to enter


I left my footprints

Somewhere far away

Along with the quietness 

Of my undying love. 


I will be here for the 

Humanness you deserve,

Not the escape 

You use to drown the pain

That had become 

The customary purpose

Of our union.  


“Forever” is too long….


5 thoughts on “Imprints in the Sand

  1. Love it! So many people want love on their own terms but are totally oblivious to the fact that it doesn’t “work” that way. You found a beautiful way to show it.

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