Contagious Laughter

Contagious laughter
sucks the air out of the room

as I’m only wearing

the smile you gave me

while your hands guide
me to grin even wider.
A whisper,

a look,

a tug of hair,
you removing my bangs
from covering my eyes,
a gentle kiss on my neck,
your beard brushing my face,

I melt over the slightest touch.
Questions find answers.
Answers get filed away
for some unrelated moment
to retrieve as future reference.

But, here
as two bodies become one,
my mind moves towards
a place of uncertainty…

Moments begin with “Ohh’s.”

Followed by “aha’s!”

Concluded with “OMG Yesss!”

I am goner.

Good morning, my love….

11 thoughts on “Contagious Laughter

  1. Perfect! Just enough to allow your readers’ own imaginations take them wherever. Love is all we need … as long as we have it, everything else falls into place in its own good time. <>

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