Simple is Osm!

Yesterday I was running errands down in Asheville with my friend, Nichole and her daughter, Sophia.  Nichole and I are having an intense conversation about God-knows what, when Sophia, from the backseat asks how to spell the word “mountains.”  Nichole spells it out for her.  Sophia says, “That’s a big word.”  Nichole answers, “They are big mountains.”  End of questions.

Simplicity is like that.  We are constantly trying to complicate the smallest of issues.  We make them larger than what they are.  Rather than seeing the moment as an opportunity we create the elaborate plays with protagonists, antagonists, and schemes.  A simple question turns into a melodramatic event.  Things are mostly pretty simple, except with illnesses, losses, and finances.  And, even then a drastic change in just one habit (changing jobs, new diet, seeing a doctor, etc.) can have different results.  That simple!

I laughed when I heard the mother-daughter conversation.  I can’t count the endless times I would give my children simple answers to the most elaborate questions.  I never made a big deal or enlarged their curious minds.  I wanted them to stay grounded while figuring things out.  I would say, “Use your imagination.”  Every question has an answer…it is how you present it.

Whenever we step back from a situation and truly stop the chit-chatter ego we can see that it isn’t that difficult.  It might be challenging but things always happen for a reason.  You might not like what is happening or why it is appearing in your path, but the result is usually about allowing and letting go.  The biggest problems require big amount of faith.  Sitting back and doing nothing won’t get results but allowing your spirit to find the simple and most effective answer is all you can ask from the Universe.

I will forever remember how Sophia spells the word “awesome.” She wrote an essay for her first grade class about living in the mountains.  She wrote, “It is osm.”  And that’s my definition of a simple life.  Have a great smooth-sailing day!

12 thoughts on “Simple is Osm!

  1. Oh, so true!! I love this post! One of these days I have to meet Sophia and her Mom! Meanwhile, lately — thanks to your influence in my life — I’ve been trying to let go of my need for control (again!). Starting with little things like the sloppy way Sam hangs up his towel on the bathroom rack. Don’t laugh — I hate sloppy! — I’ve been better about just refolding the towel without getting annoyed that I have to. And, the harder things like just accepting Ducky the way she is — protective of me around people she either doesn’t know or like, verbal like no dog I’ve ever known, and a few other of her personality quirks. I have an easier time accepting Ducky “as is” than I do with the neatness thing. Turning simple into complicated is one of those things I excel at … time for me to reverse the trend!! Thank you for the reminder, my sister-friend!!

  2. unfetteredbs

    my kids usually have to yell at me to stop going on and on when answering them. Not good eh? I should take a page from your book and stop complicating the answers.

  3. Osm! love it 🙂 I also like to keep things simple – I tell my husband that if something can’t be said in three sentences or less, it’s probably not worth saying. Or maybe I have an extremely short attention span?

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