Taste of Kisses

attentivenessI asked: “How do you feel when you kiss me?”

You answered:  “With soft hands caressing me, back rubs, delicious egg and chorizo sandwiches, perfect movie nights, clean laundry, sweet words….”

I interrupt:  “What does that mean?  How is that romantic?”

You looked at me sweetly with an innocent look and answered: “Your kisses feel like you and everything you do for me that no one has ever done.  Your kisses feel like the way you love me.”
I return with a smart-ass remark:  “I just wanted to hear you feel ‘HOT and sexy’ but I will take that answer even better.”

At that moment you reached down to kiss me and I could taste all of you:  the sweet texts for no reason, surprises with your visits, smiles that bring me joy, hands that make me melt, awesome hiking moments, every laughter you create in me….”


Lovers have a language of their own.  As Rumi said, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.  They’re in each other all along.” The easiness of allowing another to enter inside the emotions and personal space is loaded with vulnerability.  In that vulnerability there is trust.  It is never easy to just open up, especially if past experiences have closed the heart.  If and when you find that person who joins you in the garden of certainty allow yourself to let go completely.  Give each other the gift of openness and communication.  Let the walls crumble.  You will be amazed at the magical moments that appear along the way.

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