Divinity of You

this soulTell me something I don’t know
like the scars left in your soul.
Share the silliness of a fool
so I can join in your laughter.
Reach to the depth of dreams
and tell me what scares you
never leaving a single detail
of the truth you hide inside.
I’m not going anywhere.
I have a lifetime of compliance,


and love.

Disclose to me what is comfort,
I need to dive in your ocean
providing a safety net to grab
when you feel the turmoil
of the rip tides pulling you down.

Divulge the climates, terrain,
and landscapes that have brought
you to this place now.

Tell me something of importance
and then the irrelevance of today,
the past
and finally the vision of a tomorrow

without really planning any absolute.


Express those things that make

you confused,


feel bewilderment

in the presence of others,

and in the darkest of hours.


Allow me to partake in this

short journey,

the path to the unknown,

and back to all that is right in life…

all that is greatness in the

divinity of YOU.

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