A Mystery

You will always be a mystery
That I can never solve.
I continue diving
To the depths of your soul
With the tenacity of a teenager
Hoping to entice you forever.
I asked you to open
Your heart into mine
And without little hesitation
You dove right into
The unknown
Allowing me to branch out,
Meeting all I never knew
Divinity has presented the
Opportunity to reunite
In the realm of infinite love.
I am so in awed
Of the beauty you bring out
In me through
Intricate and intimate moments.
This beauty says,
“I love you”
In silence, with a smile,
A mischievous stare,
And a mystical touch
While I fall deeper, endlessly,
Into you….

with love for MJP



8 thoughts on “A Mystery

    1. Oh sweetness! Thank you! It is hard not to write in a lovely manner when I am being loved so deeply. He’s a wonderful man. I’ve waited an entire lifetime for him. And, just like that…he arrived to bring me joy, laughter, and love. As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.

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