Living Your Stories

Oh my goodness!  Life happens regardless of being present or not.  The summer has escaped me.  I don’t know where or how it went by so quickly.  I look back at my computer and realize I haven’t been able to catch up on my favorite blogs.  I haven’t been able to finish the five books I started months ago on my nightstand.  I haven’t been able to take the many hikes I had planned.  We’ve had a busy summer in our retreat center.  I am grateful for it all.  We’ve met so many wonderful people, each with their own incredible stories.

For so many years I would dive into books and escape the stressful life I was living.  Sometimes I would read five or six books in a week.  Once the kids went to bed I would glue myself into the stories…many of which I dreamt of living.  I would travel with my narrators.  I would dream of being in the mountains somewhere.  I lived vicariously through lovers and their many adventures.  Now I realize that all the stories have become a part of my life.  I am doing exactly what I have dreamt through those novels.

Looking at the past few months, a wonderful man in my life, only one young adult left at home, a gorgeous haven I call home, I cannot imagine anything better.  I have acquired everything I put out to the universe years ago.  I have found a piece of heaven while journeying with my best friend and I don’t require the nose diving mindless nights of searching for dreams in someone else’s stories.  Don’t get me wrong, I love books and will continue to read forever.  They teach, excite, marvel, and unite in places that life has yet to provide for us.  But, there is something sweet to be said about being the heroine in your own life.  There’s so much magic in allowing dreams to come true.  The Law of Attraction requires the energy set forth from your desires to align with your reality.  Books provided the desires, teaching me what and how I wanted my life to evolve.  Now that I am living these stories it is hard to sit long enough to concentrate on fiction.

As autumn peeks through the mountains I begin to slow down and relax.  Winter will once again force me to take refuge indoors.  I will catch up on my favorite sites.  I will read and research extensively.  For right now the weather calls for me to live my stories outdoor.   I apologize if I haven’t visited some of your stories.  I thank you for the support the blogging community has given me.  I am dumbfounded each time I write something and I receive feedback.  It is always mind boggling to find another person on the other side of the world reading my experiences.  I am forever grateful for the love and support.  May you enjoy the rest of these last summer days!  We can always meet back here in cyber space!

Mucho love to all….Millie


8 thoughts on “Living Your Stories

  1. Melanie

    Oh my gosh, this post made me so happy. I’m the same with books and hearing how you’re now LIVING those books just melted my heart. I read the whole thing grinning from ear-to-ear. You are an inspiration, my friend!! And you’re right….everything has a season and winter will be the season to do catch up on these other things as well. What a blessing every month, every season can be. 🙂 🙂
    Much love back to you, today.

  2. I’ve had the same feeling this past week, summer flew by this year. I’m finally starting to catch up on things around my house. Enjoy fall, it’s a wonderful time of year!

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