Childlike Cackle


Your laughter

curls up in my memories

belly flopping with giddiness.

I love when you giggle,

delightfully dancing on the bed,

avoiding my touch,

the magnet of fingers intertwining

under your armpits, belly and neck

while your

under arms flap

like a bird taking flight

to keep away from me.

You make my heart jump,



waiting for the next touch

of fingertips caressing

and the

strength of your body

pressed against mine

as you kiss me in distraction


“Please stop but don’t…!”




6 thoughts on “Childlike Cackle

    1. Ohhhh! But that’s the best. My boyfriend is 6’3″. I am 5’4″ much smaller in height and frame. I corner him and he can’t stop it. Hahaha! I love those moments, David. Thanks for always stopping by. In a month or so I get to start catching up on my favorite blogs…like yours!

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