The Universal Question


You asked, “Who is God?”

I stood against the wall,

conjuring up a suitable answer

for a teenager and all the drama

puberty creates in what seems

like a daily punishment of harassment.

“If there is no battle then

there is nothing to rupture

the current flow and process of movement.”

My answer creates an intricate puzzle:

that’s who God is…

the evolution of passage

that we fight with our egos,

ostentation, and arrogance.

He is the depth of essence in everything;

he is nothing because it can’t be seen,

yet He is the existence  

in the center of the universe.

Because He wants nothing

He achieves all,

where there is no ego,

no greed,

and no impossibilities.

He is the shallow hollowness

and the great depth within.

 He is divinity,


and the light that shines from the heart

when love walks into life

holding hope, grace and faith.

He is emptiness, compassion and fullness

without a needed explanation,

and He is all we strive to become —

He is the ALL 

as we finally surrender

into the expansion of love

that nourishes the seed of humanity

waiting for forgiveness and the final connection

of who we really are on this realm…

when all else fails

know in your core

that the Divine

is you,



and everything in between

the here

and there.

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