Everyday Ghouls and Goblins

Happy Halloween!  The one day a year we get to wear costumes and mask ourselves, pretending to be someone or something else.  Every other day of the year we just wear invisible masks hiding our authenticity…our wholeness.  Even as a child I didn’t care much for this holiday.  I thought it was strange for a kid but the older I got I realized it was my analytical mind trying to find reasons.  I have never been afraid of horror films.  I am not scared of monsters.  I am frightened by much more than witches, goblins, and grave robbers.

I am terrified of rejection, criticism, intolerance, ignorance, hatred, and an array of human emotions that create a detachment in our society.  I am crippled at times by failing and never giving my heart completely to another.  I’m paralyzed with anxiety at times, afraid of how humanity has evolved so much metaphysically (in theory) but chooses not to practice fellowship, unity, and peace.  I am not scared of spirits but those folks who are emotional vampires sucking the life from everyone around them.  Who needs a wolf man when depression lurks just around the corner in our world?  Who needs monsters when there are murders, molesters, rapists, and dictators in every country of the world?

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10 thoughts on “Everyday Ghouls and Goblins

  1. unfetteredbs

    “We can’t change what we’ve done but we can change who we are at this moment. We can take off the costumes, the masks, the armor suits and show truth to one another”

    Well said friend… Well said indeed

  2. Having spent several years watching “Dark Shadows” the first time it aired — back when you were just a little tyke — I’m not afraid of witches, goblins, etc., either. But I can do without the graphic blood and gore of some horror films. That kind of stuff just turns my stomach inside out. I’m not afraid of the emotional vampires any more — as I once was — because I just don’t allow them to stay in my life. I had enough of their kind when I was working at whichever company. I had enough of having to carry around a clove of garlic or a silver bullet. The ones who worry me are the extremists who don’t give a rat’s butt about anyone but themselves, and the ones who allow themselves to be swayed by those very same vultures. But, at least they don’t wear masks — they are very straightforward in their disdain for anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.

  3. The way I look at it, sweet friend, is that Hallowe’en is the only time we don our costumes and masks consciously. The rest of the time, our costumes are unconscious…there’s something to be said for the having, and remembering, the experience of using disguises with awareness so that we can call ourselves on it the rest of the year! Now, I’m off to read your article! xoxoM

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