Welcome Home!

As things wind down this week, the holidays upon us, the stress of it all created by the commercialized sensationalism of the media I step back and breathe.  All I want is peace and love.  It doesn’t matter what day or month or year.  All I wish for is the serenity of waking up and feeling the lightness of the life I have chosen to live.  It is beautiful.  In spite of challenges along the way (because that’s what makes it interesting) I can accept that simplicity is underrated.  I crave for it even more during this season.

My boyfriend, Matt, shared with me months ago that he did not celebrate Christmas.  I wasn’t going to decorate this year.  A few weeks ago he said he wanted a Christmas tree.  He hasn’t put one up in eight years.  How can I disregard this?  I used to go all out and put several trees in my old house.  It looked like a miniature Biltmore Estate.  Garland, decorations, lights…the pages of Better Homes & Gardens and HGTV seem to vomit everywhere.  So, here in this simple new life I looked at this man that loves me and he asks for a tree.  You better believe there is a tree going up and he will be the one to decorate it!  Yesterday morning we bought a real tree.  As we went up to the shed to get the boxes of decoration he became overwhelmed, “Babe, I only wanted a small tree with some decorations.”  I respect that.  I told him to pick whatever he wants and enjoy the process.  I want him to enter our home every day and feel welcomed.  I want him to find the peace and love I find each time I come home and snuggle in his arms.

“Welcome home!”  I want my life to say that.  I want it to salute every person who enters my space, not just my home, but my presence and feel the simplicity in those words.  I want to create the atmosphere of love, blessings, comfort and peace.  Whether they enter our home, the retreat center, or I enter their own space, I want to believe they feel those words.  Home is the heart of our spirits.  A house is a building, but home can be anywhere your spirit welcomes another.  “Welcome home!”  Welcome home to that place of simplicity, love, serenity, joy and communion.  Welcome to the life your spirit craves to share with you and others.  I am learning that the purest form of an authentic life is in allowing others to love and feel loved no matter where they are.

I will never forget a famous quote by the author Toni Morrison:  “At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough.”  The beauty of arriving to the place of love and salutation is the best legacy you can leave for another…especially in this season that has been forgotten.  Welcome home, my friends, welcome to your life. Find the joy in the simplest of things.  I promise that the spirit of divinity projects an amazing light from that place.  I invite you to come and enter as you share the story of you…!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. When I first saw the title I thought “how sweet, she’s dedicating her post to [her daughter].” Now I just want to say that I ALWAYS feel welcome with you, and hope it’s mutual. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

    1. Sue, she’s settling into her space again. At 18 it is difficult to be in two different worlds. You know her father and how he buys affection. She will be fine. Thank you and welcome to a beautiful Wednesday!

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