Insomniac Partner

You were on me
without touching
as I tossed and turned
to find comfort.
I could hear you sigh,
groan in desperation
for slumber as well.
I laid there thinking,
my brain twisting and turning
with moving pictures of the past.
I hate nights like this.
I count the cars passing,
the leaves shuffling,
pine cones falling in the water,
the wind wrestling with the screens.
Every so often I feel your rub
of skin trying to find a nook
to settle for the night,
nestling deeper into the hours.
I found a piece of heaven
wrapped behind you
as your heat warmed me
with no conditions.
I stayed there until I, too, left
the silent world of insomnia.
What have I done
to deserve you
as we join
in this dance of life?

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