There’s no more
Sting from your rejection,
No more venom
Pumping through my veins
From your cruel words.
A year in a life makes
A difference.
Love and laughter
Replaced the brokenness.
I still miss you,
My son,
My little boy.
But respect is deserved
And when trust
Breaks everything…,
Well it takes some time
To heal.
I will bend back and forth
Like the trees
Finding support
Inside the ground
Until the day you return
To love me
As Mom
And all of me will
Blossom once again.


7 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. This so fits the situation I’m experiencing with my youngest son. I miss him and I continue to express unconditional love hoping that he will come around. I hope I can hold on as long as it takes. Mucho love to my friend.

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