Listening to Silence

Snow falls,
Fluffy soft powder from the sky
Filling spaces on the ground.
The wind moves,
Running through silence
Everywhere there is earth.
I hear the shift of breath,
The touch of soil,
The splash of serenity.
Water freezes while the flow
Continues without permission.
I listen
Waiting for the light
To shine on the shadows
That make God the oneness
Of me,
The land,
And the quietude
Of all that makes us
The Infinite secret of
Harmonious opened
Channelers of life.


4 thoughts on “Listening to Silence

  1. Joanne Boyle

    This is wonderful.
    I wondered though why your blog is dated for tomorrow.
    Maybe you are a day ahead of us all and that has contributed to your dissociation? LOL
    Love and lots of Light!

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