I collect heart-shape rocks.  I find them everywhere.  In my hiking moments when I speak with God and my mind is far off in meditation, I look down and a heart is staring at me with assurance.  I see heart shapes everywhere: clouds, twigs, birds, trees…. It’s no wonder my world is full of love.  I love dearly.

Yesterday a very close friend of ours had a heart attack.  It was just a year ago that he spent his 50th birthday here at our retreat center.  The news of his episode went through my own heart with so much shock.  I knew he would be fine and that it was probably a blockage.  He is going to be better than ever.  What touched me is the amount of people going through these health challenges lately.  More and more folks are ending up with stop-and-go stories that are changing their future drastically.  Hearts are being opened and touched in every which way possible so we can feel, change, and see the evolution of our spirits.

I woke this morning with my own chest feeling tender.  Bobbie has been having this for weeks now.  She asked me if she’s going to be okay and I assure her that it is the opening and healing of her heart chakra.  She’s mending.  I am mending.  You are mending.  As a mass conscious love society we are all working through these issues and mending.  Love has been ignored for so long as the SOURCE of our breath, life, and reason for existence.  We are being touched by ailments, diseases, and other unfortunate obstacles.  It is time to recognize that we are transcending through love.

I am speaking to people lately whose struggles seem to have no end.  My own chest tightens and I feel empathy.  I am at a loss for words to assure them that this is good in many ways.  We need to continue surfing the ocean of uncertainty with faith.  We are born from love, to love, be love, and extend love to the world.  Somehow we’ve forgotten this lesson.  We are so centralized in our own bubbles that it is truly hard to see past our own stories.  I have no answers.  I am just like you trying to stay afloat but my heart is open for you.  When someone asks me to pray for them, I light a candle and sit for a while holding their spirits tightly releasing the negative thoughts.   We forget how very powerful we are when we join in consciousness.  The chit-chat of the external world can beat us down.  We forget that we are here on borrowed time and that we should be enjoying this journey.

Today is Valentine’s Day.  What better way than to extend the love in you to the world?  We are in this together.  I wish you a beautiful day of love.  If you feel that just because you have no “significant other” that you want to skip the day, well, may I say that you have the best person with you at all times: YOU.  Treat yourself to loving YOU.  Be gentle.  Be loving.  Be open to the miracles of life.  Have a wonderful day.   Allow your heart to open and feel divinity with every breath.  Mucho love!


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